Engineering quantitative trading methodologies


Comprising quantitative strategies using tested market experience and innovative technologies that achieve targeted investment objectives. Our objective is to facilitate generating returns on an investment at a rate considerably higher than prevailing bank interest rate, bond rates or stock market indices while preserving capital base. Strategies have a directional bias with the potential to profit in an opposing or non-directional market, allowing for consistent growth and the ability to adapt in changing market conditions.


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    Applied Trading Experience

    Strategies are issued only on tested asset classes, applying fundamental trading rules rather than mathematical constructions or factor models

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    Automatic Execution Management

    There is no manual discretionary risk taking. The program’s strategies signal consistently and systematically to manage trade psychology and emotion

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    Systematic Approach

    Strategies consider the full sequence of a trade, from inception to exit, and set out to maximize the utility of return without manual discretionary and psychological bias. This approach controls trade size and limits downside risk before signals are entered. Alpha is generated through consistent statistical pattern recognition that is difficult to achieve through manual trading

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    Strategies have no emotional input with every trade opportunity being approached in the same way. Returns are aggregated from the sum of many trading opportunities - never from gaming a single large opportunity based on a fixed market view, or the holding of a negative position in expectation of a market reversal

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    Strategies are implemented using automated and strictly implemented risk management rules

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    Strategies scan many market instruments across many timeframes, and continuously seek trade opportunities

Once a new technology rolls over you, if you're not part of the steamroller, you're part of the road
– Stewart Brand

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